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Building Production and After Sales Profit


1 ETH = 555 $ 

Tiny House Production and Renting


1 ETH = 555 $ 

Road Map


Building Production and

After Sales Profit

After the building is produced, the produced structure will be sold. The remaining profit after the cost will be shared with the investors in proportion to the amount invested. You can see below with diagrams an example where all investors invest a common amount.

Building Production and


Investors will be partners in the fund that is needed during the establishment phase of these campuses as much as the amount of funds they have invested. All maintenance costs, personnel and similar expenses of their partner campuses will be covered by BUILDIN. Investors, on the other hand, will get a share of all the income in the campus leased daily, monthly, seasonally or annually.

Tiny House Production and Renting

It will expand as it grows and in the future, we will have BUILDIN Tiny House's branded initiatives all over the world. After the expansion process, each BIN token user will be able to enter these houses with a special card issued by BUILDIN. With BIN tokens, they will provide accommodation at 10% more affordable price than other visitors. On returning to natural life, you will create opportunities for both investment and opening a new income.

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    Founder - CEO - Architect


    Building Production Manager

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    Software Engineer

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    Brand & Design Specialist




What is Buildin ?

   Buildin offers people living spaces. Living spaces have wider and more important definitions, except that they are closed on all sides with clear borders. Life contains nature within it. Since the first day, humanity has always had a need for shelter. The continuity of development has given us today's living spaces. Living spaces, whose production continues all the time, such as apartments, residences, villas, detached houses, wooden houses, kiosks, etc., are developing as models day by day and their number is increasing. The concept of border and space is the most important terms of these areas. Boundary is a wall. The border is glass. The border is the color difference in the flooring. The limit is emotion. The human brain creates all boundaries. We also have happy and safe people who are happy in solid volumes, and there are also people who create a living space between the sea and the sand. The questioning process of humanity has been going on for years, and the desire to reach prosperity and the best leads to innovative ideas and productions.
At this point, we present a pioneering perspective on identifying all the needs of human beings and producing desired happy living spaces. We work with our entire team to think of projects like everyone else, reduce them to individuality, offer detailed problem and solution production and produce the best structures.
   In recent years, return to nature, the most natural state of the material, minimalist design and definitions of sustainability concepts have been talked about and preferred. We have seen that natural disasters and epidemics have changed the needs of the construction area. The need for detached living spaces of high-rise buildings, which were produced with lower quality than they should be, increased due to the damage they suffered in the earthquake. In addition, we have understood that epidemic diseases (Covid) cause major problems that cannot be easily prevented in crowded cities, health is more important than anything, after all the economic problems and human losses experienced. This has led to the need for strong, high-quality, sustainable buildings and detached structures.

   We have been active in building production for many years. We are aware that strength arises from unity for more and for the better. With project productions and quality income models, we want to gain momentum and carry our brand value to the extremes around the world.
Buildin Token will be a tool for serving humanity and a reliable port for earning.

Why was the Building Token (BIN) generated?

   The BIN token runs on the Ethereum network. Your investments made with Smart Contracts will be supported. It is not easy to invest in different countries around the world and to make a profit from this investment. Time is one of the most important factors in this matter. In addition, the difficulty of making the investment in cash or banking and the procedure make the job quite troublesome.
   Besides, the most important thing is reliability .BIN token will be a fast and reliable tool for the payment method, as well as a fast and reliable tool for the investor to distribute dividends. A more detailed explanation will be made on the Road Map, but in the future, there will be great advantages to owning BIN tokens. For example; Affordable room use in Tiny homes, the advantage of more affordable purchasing at a certain percentage with BIN tokens in purchasing the manufactured residences.