EXAMPLE PROJECT (Not work now)

37 ETH

37 ETH

37 ETH

37 ETH

After communicating with you, you will send ETH

The first 4 people registered will win the right to invest


Country  :

Province :

Country  :

Tiny        :

Cost       : Each investor 25.000$

Profit      : Each investor 750 $/month

After the project is completed after an average of 1 year, the tiny houses will be rented and the earnings will be shared with the investors.

The ethereum address sent will be saved in the system and will be seen by everyone in this box. With payments sent to investors during profit sharing, you will gain a better understanding of reliability.

Investors will be able to watch their projects with cameras during the construction and post-production lease stages.

1 ETH = 665 $ (Variable)

Invest Adress: 0x7fd0825eE2e26aC5c3e91D11604aD883bBDC610E